We live in a ‘rainbow world’.  Our lives are spent in an era of God’s grace, after the Flood and before the end of time.

It’s a beautiful world we live in, isn’t it!  And the rainbow is a beautiful symbol of the earth’s loveliness.  It sums up what the world offers, by way of colour and variety.  The rainbow is a sign of God’s grace, a demonstration that He promises to keep the world going until the end of time.

In this blog, one thing is certain – apart from that I’ll be including as many photos as possible! – the posts will follow a particular order.  My posts will stick to the order of the seven rainbow colours.   (I might have to jog my memory by reciting, ‘Richard of York gave battle in vain’ – were you taught this way of remembering the rainbow at school?)  My colour-themed posts will go round and round in a circle, so when I reach ‘violet’, it’ll be back to ‘red’ again….!

So for each post, I’ll be connecting what I write to the colour I’m up to in the rainbow pattern.  Sometimes, I’ll use a photo featuring that colour as a way of sparking ideas.  I am not promising to add much to our understanding of what colours signify.  But I am hoping to convey something of the beauty of the world, while pointing to the beauty that is found in God.

I hope you’ll enjoy the posts I send out – they’ll probably be a mix and match of poetry, photographs and thoughts revolving around God’s holy Word, the Scriptures.

Rachel Chown.

Email: rschown@yahoo.co.uk                                                                                                                  



Accredited distance learning college – accredited courses in media, journalism and communication


2 Responses to "About"

Great to see you up and blogging. Looking forward to your posts about the colour purple.

Thanks. I’m wondering if you are a fan of purple, or if you’re wondering how on earth I’ll come up with enough thoughts about purple!

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  • Carole: Beautiful!
  • Amy: Sounds like a beautiful color and dress. And I would love to see a picture of that tree! I do love trees of all kinds, and you make some great points
  • Amy: What a beautiful poem or song to God, love it! We're exciting to see spring here up in the northeast after a long, cold, snowy winter! Blessings, A


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