Loss of Ease (Adversity) – Orange

Posted on: February 11, 2010

‘Beauty in adversity’.  When I uploaded this photo onto my Facebook account, this was what someone  [Mrs E. Mackie] commented.

One sunlit frosty morning towards the end of December, I spotted this flame-coloured rose in a front garden near my home. There was snow on the ground – and at first I took the rose’s unusual covering to be snow.

But afterwards, looking at the photo, I wondered if this was a particularly heavy frost rather than snow.

Two seasons seem to have collided here. The vibrant, orange rose, left over from the summer, and the wintry ice crystals. (This made me think of the poignant song, ‘It’s a long way from May to December’. But here, May and December seem to be happening at the same time!)

Looking at this photograph, I’m finding that this marriage of something of life, with something of death, feels very familiar. Yet it is also arresting and paradoxical.  So often we witness tragedy and pain colliding with vibrant, happy human lives.

I couldn’t help being reminded of the ‘Proverbs 31 woman’, in the Old Testament – the verse ‘She fears not the snow’.

This rose seems folded in on itself, but that’s probably only because the petals have become limp, due to repeated frosts. Instead of appearing crushed in any way, the rose retains its dignity and beauty – in fact it seems all the more beautiful for the heavy burden it is carrying.


2 Responses to "Loss of Ease (Adversity) – Orange"

I love the snow on this flower. It makes me wonder which is more unexpected, the snow or the flower? Which season is it? The color posts are a great way to show photography!

It was taken in winter – so it’s the rose that is ‘out of season’! Thanks for your comment.

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  • Carole: Beautiful!
  • Amy: Sounds like a beautiful color and dress. And I would love to see a picture of that tree! I do love trees of all kinds, and you make some great points
  • Amy: What a beautiful poem or song to God, love it! We're exciting to see spring here up in the northeast after a long, cold, snowy winter! Blessings, A


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