Yellow (Bee)

Posted on: January 7, 2010

I love the way that the bee is surrounded by bright yellow petals, in this picture.  And the neat way that it is almost covering the whole of the flower centre, with its left leg extended to the bottom of the circle, and its head nearly at the top.

The lines on the petals remind me of rays of sunshine you sometimes see pouring out of the sun.  The bee seems to be at the heart of something bright and beautiful – right at the heart of something good!  Very appropriate – when the honey it produces is one of life’s ‘good things’. 

Yellow Riddle.

Take a frightening number – non-mathematically speaking, take any third. 
This forms the underlying principle of my answer!
You see this pattern in a 50 pence piece, or at the Giant’s Causeway.
Half of me sounds like something a mermaid might use.
My name contains the thing I contain.

[If you’d like to know the answer – or to have your guess confirmed as the correct answer! – email me on rschown@yahoo.co.uk.]


2 Responses to "Yellow (Bee)"

Read you had an blog on a meandyou email, so thought I’d have a look. Really like your photos.

best wishes,


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  • None
  • Carole: Beautiful!
  • Amy: Sounds like a beautiful color and dress. And I would love to see a picture of that tree! I do love trees of all kinds, and you make some great points
  • Amy: What a beautiful poem or song to God, love it! We're exciting to see spring here up in the northeast after a long, cold, snowy winter! Blessings, A


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