Red (Amaryllis)

Posted on: December 16, 2009

Well, already I’m up to the Second Rainbow [see ‘About’ page for an explanation], and I thought as a change from some rather word-heavy posts, this one would have riddles (of the home-made variety) as its theme.

The riddles would be even easier than they already are, if the photograph ‘went with’ the riddle every time – so there won’t necessarily be any hidden clues in the pictures!  On the other hand, there might be!

Isn’t it amazing what one amaryllis bulb can produce – this photo was taken recently in my living-room.  The bulb was truly enormous –  bigger than a large grapefruit!  Two stems grew, then four flowers from each stem, giving a total of eight enormous flowers at one point. 

Growing from one pot, there was more flower colour than some garden borders at the height of summer can boast.  The stamens looked very graceful, I thought, curling up slightly, in a way that reminds me of the curly plumage male ducks have in spring. 

Thanks, Caroline Bosanquet who gave me the bulb.

Red Riddle.

I’m something you are very thankful for,
but when you see me, tears may pour.
I’m always on the move, transporting things,
I’m a different colour, when I belong to kings.

[If you want confirmation your answer is right, or just want the answer, email me on: rschown@yahoo.co.uk.]


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  • None
  • Carole: Beautiful!
  • Amy: Sounds like a beautiful color and dress. And I would love to see a picture of that tree! I do love trees of all kinds, and you make some great points
  • Amy: What a beautiful poem or song to God, love it! We're exciting to see spring here up in the northeast after a long, cold, snowy winter! Blessings, A


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